Center Hotel Imatra

The 68-room hotel in the very heart of Imatra has been operating since the year 1939. In April 2014, the hotel was renovated and reopened to welcome its guests once again! The building known for its crooked shape now serves as Center Hotel Imatra in addition with Broadway grill and Diner,  Broadway Pub and Broadway night club. No matter how or with how many you are travelling with, we will welcome you with open arms, big smiles and budget friendly prices. Come see us at Koskenparras 3, 55100 Imatra!

Center Hotel Imatra is situated at the pedestrian street right in the heart of Imatrankoski. We are situated a mere 3km from the travel center, 40km from Lappeenranta Airport and 6km form the National border. Within just a few hundred meters you can find museums, theaters, parks and the famous rapids. In addition to this, we are surrounded by the all the shops you will need.

Contact us!

p. 044 – 4300 600
Koskenparras 3
55100 Imatra